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Rules of keeping fast in Islam religion in the month of Ramadan

In the month of Ramadan, people keep fast, and fast keep without some food is eaten or drink in Ramadan month. Islam religion is considered to be the month of purifying people in the month of Ramadan, people are encouraged to keep bad habits away from themselves by the month of Ramadan, people of Muslim religion wait for a full year for the month of Ramadan, people start preparing for Ramadan several months beforehand.

  1. Muslim people do not eat and drink before sun is hiding. Those who have a fast get up very early in the morning and people eat something before they grow in the morning, which is called sehri in islam religion. Muslims can not eat or drink in the day after opening the fast in the morning.
  2. fast is opened after the interval of sunset in the evening and the time to open the fast in the evening is also fixed which is called iftar.
  3. In Ramadan, it is important for healthy people to fast in Islam.
  4. On the occasion of Ramadan in Islam religion, it is not necessary for the elderly, the unhealthy people and the pregnant women to fast.
  5. To keep fast, you have to be absolutely pure and on Ramadan day in Islam, it is not permissible to have sex in the daytime with wife.
  6. These things are considered to be very noble for the person who is fasting in the religion of Islam as if he should not lie and no one should do evil.
    For those who fast, there is a ban on eating and drinking during the month of Ramadan. But there is a ban on everything that is forbidden in Islam which has been forbidden.

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