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Common Mistakes We Make In Life


We want to introduce you to the truth, through this post, we want to tell you that common mistakes that we make in life and we can also say that there are some things which we do wrong everyday. After seeing this post you can stop making these mistakes.

Way To Work On Chair

Those who work for a long time sitting on the chair, whether they do office work or study at home, then the way of sitting on the chair while doing their work should be right chances are increased, to prevent such disease, we should pay attention to sitting on the chair properly. For example, we should sit with our back straight and should not sit with our back tilted forward because sitting for a long time causes pain in the back of your neck, lower side spine, while working on the computer.

Your hands should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees to the elbow, this is the right position to sit on your chair. And from your cheer to the middle of the table, your legs should also be bent at a 90 degree angle from the knee, working in this way will also reduce your complaint of pain, this is common mistake that we make in life and making mistakes again and again is also a wrong thing.

Easy Way To Peel Banana

There is also a common mistake that we do again and again, always peeling the banana from the top side, peeling from the top side of the banana definitely causes some trouble and if peel the banana from the bottom side then the banana is easily peels off. The reason for this is that by pressing on the lower side, the upper part of the lower part expands, which does not require much effort in peeling the banana and also the banana fibers are easily removed along with the peel.

How To Sit On The Toilet Seat

You have to change the way you sit on the toilet seat, by sitting with your back straight, the lower bubble gets twisted, due to which we have to push to get the stool out, due to which there is a risk of increasing the risk of piles and other stomach diseases. So we should not sit with our back straight. Our sitting posture should be such that by raising our knees to our chest & making an angle of 35 degrees, the muscles get relaxed and and the bubble on the anus also becomes straight so that there is no need to strain to expel the stool it is our common mistake that we do such things wrong everyday.

How To Reuse Ice Cream

Everyone likes to eat ice cream, people of all ages like it so much that they do not even pay attention to their age to eat it, in the case of ice cream, we are constantly making mistakes. When we bring ice cream boxes from the market to eat ice cream, then ice cream is left in that box, after eating ice cream, then we keep the remaining ice cream box in the freezer. When we bring ice cream boxes from the market to eat ice cream, then ice cream is left in that box, after eating ice cream, then we keep the remaining ice cream box in the freezer. so that outside air does not come inside the box.

The number of times you use ice cream to eat it will look the same as if you had eaten it the first time. This is our simple mistake because we keep doing wrong in your life everyday.

How To Use Way Toothpaste

Before brushing the tooth, our method of applying the paste on the toothbrush is wrong, which is the biggest mistake that we see in the advertisement that to promote the toothpaste of any company. Apply all over the hair of the brush so that the beauty of the toothpaste is visible. The beauty for which the company benefits and our loss is our loss in 2 ways no. 1 we should always apply as much toothpaste as a pea granule on the brush, the peep in the mouth is also made more, due to which it is difficult to breathe. The problem arises, the second reason is that if we use more toothpaste, then it benefits the company and it is our loss, due to using more, the paste ends quickly.

How To Hide Mistakes On Paper

When we make a mistake on the paper, then we try to hide it, to hide it, we highlight it completely with the pen and again and again draw lines on it with the pen. That doesn’t look good at all and the easiest way to hide the mistake is to write a random letters on the mistake, by doing this your friend or teacher cannot read it, it also has the advantage that only you can read it what it is written.

How To Use Earphones Properly

Earphone is used more for listening to music, people like to listen to music by putting earphones in mobile phone to listen to music, air phone is being used more while listening to music. Earphone is not used properly while listening to music. It is known that we do not put the earphone in the ear properly. While listening to music, we usually keep the earphone upright on the ear, which is a lot of trouble by applying this way, the earphone should always be folded so that the earphone is properly locked in the ear, by doing this air does not pass. The problem of falling ear phone from work also ends with you, the air phone can come out of the ear only after you remove it, this is a simple mistake which we make every day in our free time.

Way To Reuse Chips Packet For Eating Chips

While eating chips, some chips are left in the packet, we fold that packet like this and after folding keep it here and there, which is our biggest mistake, by doing this our chips get air and at the same time chips fall here and there, to avoid this simple mistake, we should bend the corners of both sides of the packet of chips and fold the upper part for couple of times, then after that give both the corners on the back side, by doing this your packing will be ready and the solution of folding the packet of chips in the wrong way will also be found, as well as the solution to your common mistake will be found.

Which Side To Use While Sleeping

If we use the right side while sleeping, then it is very harmful for us. By sleeping on the right side, the gastric juice in our stomach comes in the food pipe, due to which the food is not digested. And diseases also arise in the body, so we should sleep on the left side, so that food is also digested well, this is a common mistake that we do more everyday, which is wrong to do.

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