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50 Best Funny Dog Quotes, Meme Images And Pictures

Best Funny Dog Meme Image 4

I Hump Other Dogs’ Faces

50 Best Funny Dog Quotes, Meme Images And Pictures

The Average Dog Is A Nicer Person Than The Average Person

Friendly Dog, But Beware Of Owner

Cool Dog Names For Dogs Too Cool For Ordinary Names

I’ve Seen A Look In A Dogs’ Eyes, A Quickly Vanishing Look Of Amazed Contempt

Every Snack You Make, Every Meal You Bake. Every Bite You Take, I’ll Be Watching You

My Dog Winks At Me Sometimes… And I Always Wink Back Just In Case It’s Some Kind Of Code

If You Want The Best Seat In The House…you’ll Have To Move The Dog

Anybody Who Doesn’t Know What Soap Tastes Like Never Washed A Dog

Dogs’ Lives Are Too Short. Their Only Fault, Really

My Cute Appearance Is Super Deceiving – My Farts Are Potent Enough To Clear A Room Of 30+ People

Every Once In A While, A Dog Enters Your Life And Changes Everything

Dogs Do Speak, But Only To Those Who Know How To Listen

There Are Very Few Things That’s More Important Than A Good Shit

I Don’t Always Bark At Night. But When I Do, It’s For No Reason

I Wonder If Other Dogs Think Poodles Are Members Of A Weird Religious Cult

Everything I Know, I Learned From Dogs

The Most Affectionate Creature In The World Is A Wet Dog

There Are No Bad Days.. When You Come Home To A Dog’s Love

Don’t Accept Your Dog’s Admiration As Conclusive Evidence That You Are Wonderful

Around The Lake With You? – That Is So Not Going To Happen!

Be Brave No Matter Your Size. Take A Nap. Hide Your Favorite Snack

You Threw It, You Go Get It

A Dog Is The Only Thing On Earth That Loves You More Than He Loves Himself

I Sneak Into The House Of Our Buddhist Neighbors, And Eat Their Food Offerings To Buddha

Scratch A Dog And You’ll Find A Permanent Job

It’s Ok, I’m Not Cold Anymore

If Your Dog Is Fat, You Need More Exercise

Every Boy Should Have Two Things: A Dog, And A Mother Willing To Let Him Have One

My Goal In Life Is To Be As Good Of A Person As My Dog Already Thinks I Am

The Great Pleasure Of A Dog Is That You May Make A Fool Of Yourself With Him

You Have No Idea How Hard It Was To Learn This!

You Funny Kid! You Tell Funny Joke! Lol!

Animals Are Such Agreeable Friends. They Ask No Questions, They Pass No Criticisms

Forget The Dog, Beware Of The Kids

There Is No Psychiatrist In The World Like A Puppy Licking Your Face

There Is No Psychiatrist In The World Like A Puppy Licking Your Face

A Dog Will Always Be Happier To See You Than Any Person Ever Will

If Our Dog Doesn’t Like You We Probably Won’t Either

Don’t Let The Dogs Out No Matter What They Tell You

A Dog Teaches A Boy Fidelity, Perseverance, And To Turn Around Three Times Before Lying Down

I Was Wrong. We Weren’t Going To The Park

I Have A Crayon Addiction And I Need Help. I Have A Flip-flop Problem Too

I Came, I Sniffed, I Rolled In It

If I Had A Pound For Every Time My Dog Made Me Smile… I’d Be A Millionaire

The More Boys I Meet The More I Love My Dog

Dogs Are Better Than Humans Because They Know But Do Not Tell

Will You Lay Down With Me Until I Fall Asleep

Dogs Never Bite Me. Just Humans

Testing The Water. Generally, It’s A Good Idea To Do It Before You Leap In!

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